With so many privileges and opportunities for blacks, the future seemed promising but the black codes limited all of the so called opportunities presented to blacks. Lets blame it on them! Theres enough information out there to prove that creepy nerds are not the problem with female representation in stem



It seems really obvious to me that women in high schools and everywhere else have a statistical predilection to like working with people (especially children) and to dislike working with abstract technical poking and prodding



In the middle and upper class, the mother is in charge of the childrens education, and the development of their patriotism. Thank you for making me a better person and for opening up and giving your heart to me

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When one became the king he would inherit all of the riches and powers that come along with being the king. As the hospital has no private endowment, it relies for funding mostly on government and insurance payments -- not exactly cash cows...